Tackling Climate Change

The State Controller sits on several incredibly powerful commissions that are responsible for the management and protection of California’s precious natural and cultural resources.

Ron believes climate change is an existential threat and that we have a moral responsibility to protect our planet for future generations. As L.A. Controller, Ron led on water and power conservation programs, wildfire mitigation, cultivating more trees and greenspace, and taking on corruption within the L.A. Department of Water and Power.

As State Controller, Ron will continue his work of ensuring Environmental Equity and that underserved communities are protected and provided the same benefits regardless of race, income or sexual orientation.

Recent oil spills have shown that greater inspection, enforcement, and oversight are needed to effectively and responsibility to end offshore oil drilling in California. As L.A. Controller, Ron provided an online map of every oil well and its activity in the city, alerting thousands of residents of the environmental dangers near them.

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