Health Care

His audit uncovered a fragmented approach in the city that resulted in a level of inequality among employees he sought to correct. Expanding on this approach, Ron widened his scope during the initial days of COVID-19 to launch a one-of-its-kind resource hub to provide vital information that had not previously existed in a central location, including information about vaccines, testing and other financial information families needed to make it through the pandemic. In crafting this visualization, Ron culled local and countywide data to also track how federal funds would be used to offer relief from the COVID-19 crisis, expertly following the money in an easy-to-use format that he will launch for the entire state as State Controller.

As Controller and a Board Member of the California Health Facilities Financing Authority, Ron will help nonprofit and public health facilities increase health access with tax-exempt bonds, low cost loans and direct grant programs. He believes Californians should have access to low-cost and quality healthcare options.

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