Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin

for California State Controller

California State Controller Betty Yee

“As Los Angeles Controller, Ron has demanded the kind of accountability, transparency and equity our State needs. I am pleased to endorse him.”

Los Angeles Times

“An accountant’s eye for detail and a reformer’s creativity”

Meet Ron

As the son of immigrants and of a Holocaust survivor, Ron is L.A.’s first Citywide-elected LGBTQ official. As Controller Ron has worked to ensure public dollars are spent transparently, efficiently, and equitably.

As the Chief Financial Officer and elected watchdog of the nation’s second biggest city, Ron has been on the forefront of bringing unprecedented transparency, innovation and accountability to how public dollars are spent - putting every city expenditure and salary online - and he has a proven track record of leading government reform.

Ron launched independent, hard-hitting audits - rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse; exposing billions of dollars in misspent funds to address homelessness while challenging the status quo. He has been recognized internationally for introducing open data, dashboards, metrics, mapping and other tools to pry open government and make it more accountable.

With the 5th largest economy in the world and an annual budget of more than $250 billion dollars, California needs a Controller with the experience and credibility to safeguard taxpayer dollars - and to strengthen the financial health of all Californians.

Ron transformed the role of Controller in Los Angeles, through open data, mapping and transparency. His reports called for reforms on infrastructure, housing, homeless spending, climate change policy and more. Ron will bring his vision and passion for public office to Sacramento where on Day One he will work to tackle our biggest challenges of homelessness, affordable housing, retirement security, inequality, climate change, and to get California’s budget working for us all.

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